Month: February 2016

Get Your Vacation Home to Work for You

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If your vacation home has started to become more of a financial headache than a refuge, it might be time to consider renting out your property.

According to industry experts, an average vacation home can garner an owner an extra $30,000 of income per year.

Renting out your vacation home can open up a significant stream of revenue and understanding the business side, and all it entails, however, is a critical part of increasing your home’s value without adding hassle.

Before listing your home for rent, it’s important to decide whether you will handle the details yourself (think booking, reservations, marketing, maintenance and management) or hire a vacation rental firm.

While doing it all yourself may sound like a good idea (and the Internet has certainly made that a viable option with hundreds of rental listing sites), a recent study shows that owners spend an average of more than eight hours per week marketing and managing their vacation properties. This translates to a heavy time commitment that few people have.

To take advantage of the added income, without having to invest a significant amount of time, professionally managed vacation rental companies provide the perfect balance. Typically, these firms assume responsibility for marketing and managing your property and taking care of any requests by the renters.

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Hints for a Home Rental

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Hints for a Home Rental

If you are planning to rent a home during your vacation, you may be both excited and nervous, especially if you typically stay in hotels during your trips. Renting a larger place that already has all the amenities and furnishings is often a good idea, and can save you money in the long run, but it may be nerve-wracking if you have never gone this route before. Find out some of the best questions to ask before choosing which homes to use on your trip. Hints for a Home Rental

You should find out what is included in the dwelling. Many homes have all the furnishings, such as couches and beds, so you will have a place to sit and sleep. Lots of places also include entertainment options, such as a television, radio, and Internet access, so bring a laptop if you want to go online. Some may also include board games or DVDs, allowing you and your guests to stay in together and have fun at no extra cost.

Once you know the items that will be at the home, you should know what to bring. For instance, if the kitchen has tons of pots, pans, and dishes, you can bring groceries to cook your own food, saving some money on your vacation since you will not have to eat at restaurants three times a day. You should also find out if linens, including sheets and towels, are included or if you should bring your own. However, you should also find out what not to bring.

Finally, find out what is around the home you have chosen. Many of the most popular are within walking distance of major attractions, such as downtown areas, the beach, or ski slopes, so make sure to choose this type of location for the sheer convenience. This way, you do not have to deal with parking, getting gas, or learning your way around a new area, which can be stressful.